Getting Stains Off Wooden Worktops

18mm-addington-smoke-stained-oak-brushed-matt-lacquer-engineered-wood-main-swatch_1When it has to do with stains on wooden worktops, it needs to be said that prevention is always better than cure. Nevertheless, in spite of the best prevention in place, stains can, and do happen. Although knowing the cause of the stain may assist in some instances, we have assumed for the purpose of this blog article your goal is to eliminate stains of a general nature.
It can be that the spots on your worktop are concentrated to the high traffic areas (ie. Places in which you work most often) or they might be general and widespread across all of the worktop. If the stains are general and widespread across all of the worktop, there’s little doubt that a full re-sand and re-finish will workout more effective and much more effective, both time and cost-wise.

Nevertheless, in the event that you simply have random spots here and there, then you need to be able to handle these and eliminate them efficiently without visiting the degree of a whole re-sand and re-finish. Generally speaking stains on worktops fall in to two groups: deep and surface . Most deep and surface stains are due to trapped moisture. Generally speaking if the blot is white, it is just on the surface, whether it is dark or black, it’s had an opportunity to penetrate deeper into the timber.

Surface stains may typically be removed by rubbing with a pad of very fine wire wool soaked in lemon oil to prevent damage. Just rub the stained surface with all the wool and the blot should vanish.

Here is a step-by-step guide of Everything you should do to deeper stains:

  • Lightly sand off the finish on your worktop, constantly working in the direction of the grain. This will provide you access to the wood .
  • Brush or blot bleach on the stained area. Although bleach products aren’t normally recommended on your completed worktop, they work well on stains. You may need to do this to remove the blot. If needs be, you can leave the bleach soaking into the stain overnight. If standard domestic bleach does not work then your worktop supplier will have the ability to give you commercial timber bleach that should do the trick (but make sure you follow the directions to the letter, such as neutralization). Really deep stains might need to be scraped away, but try to avoid this if possible.
  • Once the stain has gone for the satisfaction, it is a case of cleaning the place thoroughly, letting it wash and completing your worktop with a fantastic quality, food-safe oil.
  • When finishing your worktop, remember to work in layers, so it’s possible to build up to the same color you had earlier.

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