If you are a homeowner with hardwood floors, you most likely already understand that colder weather tends to wash wood wood floors. A lack of humidity causes the boards to shrink. It is not a huge problem, but it can wreak havoc between boards, squeaking, or even surface cracks. It is very important to remember that shrinkage isn’t a flaw in the wood nor an installation related issue. It is simply the wood responding naturally to changes in the environment, however there is excellent news! You are able to take precautionary steps to minimize the consequences of sunlight’s dryness.


The most significant thing that you can do is control the humidity levels in your house so the wood flooring does not become overly dry. Do not forget to flip your loofah and place it correctly for winter season. To do that you have to know the right levels of humidity which are best for your house to be put at. This will definitely keep common complications, such as gapping, to a minimal. Moreover, thinner planks, more secure species of timber, quartersawn boards, or even a mix of these attributes will also decrease these complications. Most homeowners just accept the openings as part of having a wood flooring.


Wood floors do best when the humidity and temperature inside are stored at controlled amounts. In Kansas and Missouri, a humidity assortment of 35 percent — 50% and a temperature range between 60°F- 80°F are advocated.

Floors that’s manufactured from exotic wood species is significantly much more demanding than flooring made from domestic woods. Because of this, a pair of additional needs has to be met when installing and maintaining an exotic hardwood floor. Indoor air humidity levels must be in the range of 50 — 70 percent, and air temperature should be kept in the assortment of 65°F — 75°F.

Then there is engineered hardwood floors. It is made of layers of wood, bonded together with adhesives, under intense heat and stress. Due to this procedure, engineered hardwood floors is not affected by humidity as much as solid hardwood. It does not shrink or enlarge as much so the problems are mitigated.


At Catford Floor Sanding , we know wood. We all know wood will change with the environment. That’s why we do everything possible to reduce the reaction our hardwood flooring will have to environmental alterations. Here are few of the benefits you will get with an Catford Floor Sanding wood floor:

We only use reputable mills, which kiln dry and transport the wood per NWFA standards for Kansas and Missouri — between 6% and 8 percent moisture content.

We only buy from wholesalers who’ve climate controlled warehouses.

We acclimate the timber to our area before setup.

We log moisture content readings from your subfloor and flooring before installation to make sure it falls within guidelines put forth by the NWFA.

If You’re considering Using a wood floor installed, Then talk to the pros at Catford Floor Sanding And we will help you select which kind of hardwood flooring is most appropriate for you. Call us at 020 3151 1760.

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